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On Tour


Les Festivals de Wallonie partent en tournée !

Les Festivals de Wallonie on tour!

Pour Les Festivals de Wallonie, la musique classique est une fête ! Conscients qu’une démonstration concrète s’avère bien souvent plus efficace qu’un long discours, nous prendrons la route, pour la seconde année consécutive, afin de partir à la rencontre du public là où il se trouve. Organisés de fin avril à fin juin, les concerts des Festivals de Wallonie en tournée ont pour objectif de faire connaître les artistes et activités des festivals qui composent la fédération. Rendez-vous donc, du 27 avril au 25 juin, dans les Provinces du Luxembourg, du Hainaut, du Brabant wallon, de Liège et de Namur pour avoir un avant-goût de la saison 2019 des Festivals de Wallonie !

7 days and/or evenings of concerts,8 venues, 16 different ensembles, some 50 artists … Les Festivals de Wallonie are seven different festivals spread across Wallonia and Brussels, which each year, from the end of June to the end of October, invite you to explore a programme of more than 150 concerts. To awaken your curiosity, to make you want to discover what constitutes the very essence of their work, to enable you to approach for the first time classical music, which is all too often and wrongly considered as being serious, Les Festivals de Wallonie will be on tour between 27 April and 2 June to meet you and to set up music stands and instruments close to you, in venues you have already visited (or perhaps not), heritage sites, tourist attractions, cultural houses, often out of the ordinary, and which normally serve a different purpose: the Mundaneum in Mons, Rockerill in Charleroi, the Château de Jehay, and many more. Occasionally the artists will welcome you into the intimacy of their workshop or in the lounge of a cultural centre, to foster the exchange of ideas and to give the music every chance of moving you. On each occasion, you will have the opportunity to meet and chat with the artists at the end of the concert. Les Festivals de Wallonie On Tour will visit all the Walloon provinces and all the musical styles, invite accessible and generous musicians onto their stages, musicians whom you may know, because they come from your towns and villages. We have designed these meetings as musical moments accessible to all. To let you hear the classical music you love.



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